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Upholstery Care 101

Here are some simple tips to keep your upholstery looking its very best:

1. Periodically flip the cushions as this helps to divide wear evenly.

2. Vacuum your upholstery at least once a week to keep dirt and dust particles from settling into the fibers.

3. Protect your upholstery from excessive sunlight as it can cause color loss over time.

4. Clean up spills immediately to avoid permanent damage.

Note: Be careful which products you use on your upholstery as some can cause permanent staining or color loss.

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How to Maintain Your Outdoor Furniture Part 1-Wicker

Even though most outdoor fabrics are quite durable, they still require regular maintenance to prevent hastened deterioration. Most outdoor furniture can be cleaned with soap and water. It is best not to use abrasive cleaning agents as this can damage the furniture. Since there are so many types of outdoor furniture, we will address specific cleaning recommendations one material at a time in the next series of posts. It’s important to keep in mind these are just suggestions and you should always read the tags on your furniture pieces prior to cleaning and test in a non-conspicuous spot.

🔹 Part 1: Wicker: Wicker furniture can be cleaned quite easily. Simply remove the cushions and spray it down with a hose. If it is still dirty it can be washed using a sponge, a mild soap, and cold water. It is best to store the cushions inside during the winter months and keep the frames covered.

How to Maintain Outdoor Upholstery Wicker

A Surprising Reason You Should Have Your Carpets Cleaned Every 6 Months If You Have Young Children

Experts recommend a deep cleaning every 6 months in homes with young children but not because kids tend to track more into dirt into the home. It’s actually for safety reasons backed up by the American Lung Association. Carpets trap bacteria, mold spores, dust, and other unwanted particles that pose more of a risk to children because of the amount of time they tend to spend on the floor playing. Having your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis is a key way to maintain a safe play space for your loved ones.

Baby Surprising Reason Why Should Have Carpets Cleaned

4 Reasons to Consider Scheduling a Professional Carpet Cleaning if You're Expecting

One of the most important things that new parents will think about is the health of the environment that their new baby will be living in. While you are preparing your home for its newest resident, one important thing to consider is the carpet since babies and small children tend to spend a lot of their time on the floor. Having your carpets professionally cleaned has four key benefits:

1️⃣ Dirty carpets contain pollutants that are tracked onto the carpet and release into the air. A professional cleaning removes these unwanted guests.

2️⃣ Carpet cleaning also eliminates dust mites that can cause allergies and asthma.

3️⃣ If you have pets in the home, cleaning can dislodge pet hair trapped deep in the carpet fibers that cannot be removed from vacuuming.

4️⃣ It’s good for your carpet. Routine cleanings will extend the life of your carpet. If your family is expecting a baby, we are here to help you get your home prepared! 🏡

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One Important Reason Not to Use Over the Counter Spotters

We warn about the dangers of using over the counter spotters quite frequently on our blog and social media posts due to the potential for color loss to your carpet. We see color loss often as carpet cleaners but it might not sound like that big of a deal if you haven't personally dealt with the disappointment of realizing you inadvertently ruined your carpet. This carpet had quite a few areas of color loss. Since color loss can't be fixed with cleaning (cleaning makes no improvement as the dye has already been removed from the carpet), the only ways to "fix" color loss are to have the carpet dyed (depending on the carpet fiber) or to replace the carpeting. The best preventative measures you can take to avoid this is to refrain from using over the counter spotters and keeping products that remove color (think bleach, benzoyl peroxide, Resolve, etc.) away from your carpet.

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