Carpet Care Tip: Don't use soap on your carpet!

It may sound counter intuitive that cleaning a carpet shouldn't involve soap but it's for a good reason. Soap attracts dirt, so even when only a tiny amount is used, the carpet will get dirtier faster. This residue in the carpet can be very difficult/next to impossible to remove (depending how much was used/spilled), even when utilizing professional equipment so it's best to use a soap-free spotter. We use soap-free detergents that are specifically designed for carpet cleaning to break down dirt and soil without leaving behind residue.

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Carpet Care Tip: Avoid DIY Carpet Cleaning Machines

DIY (Do it yourself) carpet cleaning machines bring to mind the saying “if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Advertisements make them look easy to use and more economical but in reality they oftentimes cause more harm than good. Home carpet cleaning machines lack the power truck mounted units provide, and with limited extraction ability, the carpet can easily be left too wet and full of solution. This can be disastrous as carpet that is overwet can mildew, grow mold, and the damage can permeate the padding and into the subfloor as well, which would result in the need for replacement (which costs $$$). Other issues lie with the products used in conjunction with the machine and the human error when using it. Carpet cleaning is a science that heavily relies on chemistry. Using the wrong chemical or mixing chemicals can result in permanent discolorations caused by the cleaning processes and set in stains that would have been able to be removed by a cleaning professional. They’re also time consuming to use so they’re not as economical as they appear to be when you factor that in. If you’ve had a mishap from a home carpet cleaning machine or want to save yourself the time/money/effort/panic by booking a professional cleaning, let us know. We can help!

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Tips for Keeping Upholstery Looking Good

1. Clean spots or soil right away. Upholstery doesn't have the stain resistance that carpet does so it's important to do so to prevent permanent stains.

2. Keep furry friends off the furniture. Pets can cause a lot of damage to upholstery with their claws that can destroy the fibers of the upholstered item and accidents that can get deep into the foam (which can be impossible to remove).

3. Avoid direct sunlight.

4. Keep transferrable dyes (like newspaper, blue jeans, etc.) a safe distance away from the upholstery.

5. Schedule regular professional cleanings BEFORE your upholstery looks dirty. If you wait for it to look soiled, permanent damage may have already been caused.

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Four simple ways to take care of your carpet:

1️⃣ Remove your shoes when you walk into your house. Taking your shoes off before you enter a carpeted room can save your carpet from unnecessary wear and tear. Just think of all the dirt, dust, and bacteria that could be tracked into your home from the bottom of your shoes. 👟

2️⃣ Vacuum frequently. A great way to maintain your carpet is to vacuum at least once a week. If you have kids or pets we would recommend vacuuming more often. Make sure to empty the canister or change the bag in your vacuum cleaner consistently in order to get the most out of your vacuum cleaner. 🐶🐱

3️⃣ Try to protect your carpet from being in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. With too much sunlight in certain spots, those areas could begin to fade and age quicker than they would otherwise. A practical solution could be as simple as closing the blinds or drapes when you leave the house. ☀️

4️⃣ Create a carpet care kit. At your next cleaning appointment, ask our technician for their expert advice on what you should include in your kit. Note: Only use products that have been recommended by our cleaning experts. Some products could cause spots on your carpet to become permanent stains. The best solution for any spot removal would be to hire a professional cleaner to help. It may seem like a cheaper option to treat the spots yourself but it could end up costing you more money in the long run. We are here to help! 👍

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Carpet Cleaning Myth: Dry cleaning is better than “steam cleaning.”

Each method of cleaning has its place but for typical residential cleanings, hot water extraction (most often referred to as “steam cleaning”) is going to be your best bet if you’re looking for a deep cleaning. Dry cleaning is more of a surface cleaning so the carpet stays drier, which can be of the utmost concern to some individuals and important in specific situations and on certain types of carpeting. Steam cleaning on the other hand, is a more thorough cleaning process but has a longer dry time. It’s also the process required by most manufacturers to maintain the carpet warranty. If you’re unsure of what cleaning process would work the best for you, let us know. We are happy to help!


Carpet Cleaning Myth: New Carpet Doesn’t Need Cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Myth: New Carpet Doesn’t Need Cleaning. Oftentimes when people refer to their carpet as “new", it’s already a few years old. Since carpet is designed to hide soils effectively, it’s important to keep up with a regular carpet cleaning schedule (typically between 6-12 months but definitely before the 18 month mark), rather than waiting for it to “look dirty.” By the time a carpet “looks dirty,” damage to the carpet fiber has already occurred. Also, most carpet manufacturers require professional carpet cleanings to maintain the warranty on the carpet so it’s a good idea to read the fine print to ensure compliance.

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Will This Spot Come Out?

One question we occasionally get asked during booking is “Will this spot come out?”. Unfortunately that question is impossible to answer by phone or email due to factors such as: what caused the spot, what was used to treat the spot, how the spot was treated (there could be damage to the carpet fiber if it was scrubbed), how much time has passed, etc. Substances that contain dye (for example: juices, jelly, sodas, sports drinks, etc.) can penetrate the dye sites of the carpet, causing permanent stains that cannot be removed with cleaning. It’s important to clean up spots and spills right away for the best chance at removal. If you need a little extra help, let us know. We can help!

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