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Why Hiring an Inexpensive Cleaner Isn't Less Expensive in the Long Run

It can be tempting to go with the most economical cleaning service when moving out with the idea that it doesn't really matter since you're moving out anyway. However, while that can work out, it can oftentimes cost you much more in the long run. Here are a few reasons why hiring a reputable company pays off:

1. They'll do a good job. A reputable company will do a more thorough job when cleaning, which is important because the better the carpet cleans up, the more you avoid potentially having to pay to have it cleaned again or to replace it. An inexperienced cleaner doesn't have the expertise to remove tough spots, which you likely won't find out until it's too late. The cost to hire someone else to come out to "fix" the carpet far exceeds the amount you would have paid to have hired someone who would have done the job right.

2. They'll actually show up. There's nothing more frustrating than booking a service that doesn't keep their scheduled appointments. A cleaner that shows up late, or not at all, can leave you in a bind. This can be especially problematic during the summer as other cleaners will be booked out and unable to take on a last minute cleaning.

3. They'll be up front about their pricing. "Discount" carpet cleaners offer a cleaning service that is the caliber of what you're paying. They make their money upselling things that are standard with what other cleaning companies would offer as part of their normal cleaning process. A reputable company is straight forward about the costs for the service they provide .

4. They'll guarantee their work. If there's a spot that comes back or an area that could use a touch up, they'll come back to take care of it. This can save you big time and can offer you peace of mind knowing you're in good hands. 👍

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Why Hiring an Inexpensive Cleaner Isn't Less Expensive in Long Run

Copy of How Do I Prepare for a Move Out Carpet Cleaning?

Moving out is stressful but the process can go a lot smoother with a plan in place. Here are some ways you can prepare for your move out carpet cleaning:

1. Make sure all of your furniture is moved off the carpet and ready to go when the technician arrives.

2. Pick up any remaining debris off the carpet (pennies, push pins, etc.) that are too large to vacuum up or could cause damage to a vacuum cleaner.

3. Vacuum your carpet before the technician arrives. This step isn't necessary but it can be helpful.

3. Make sure the water and electricity will be on at the time of your scheduled cleaning. If for some reason either one of those services won't be on, you'll want to let the office know when you book your cleaning appointment or as soon as you find out (at least 48 hours prior to your cleaning appointment) in order to discuss what your options are.

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