Tips To make Vacuuming More Effective

Tips to Make Vacuuming More Effective: 1. Use a HEPA filter or bag if possible to contain the fine particles. Empty the bag or canister when it’s 2/3 full. 2. Vacuum in multiple directions to loosen the dirt and soil. 3. Don't rush! More debris is removed from the carpet when you pull back on the vacuum, not when you push forward. 4. Check to make sure your vacuum is working properly. Check the belt and brush bars, removing hair as necessary. 5. Do it often! Carpet does a great job at collecting and capturing dirt. It’s important to remove the dirt and debris regularly. If you’re in need of a deeper cleaning, call us at 805-544-4761. We can help!

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Carpet Care Tip: Wear Slippers or Socks Indoors

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If you’re a big fan of walking around barefoot, you may want to re-consider. Your skin naturally releases moisture which comes out as oils or sweats, which when you walk around barefoot transfers from your foot to the surface of your carpet fibers.  This moisture attracts dust, dirt, and dander and over time it can build up and become noticeable. Wearing your shoes indoors isn’t the answer as that can track in far more contaminants. The best option is to wear socks inside or to have special indoor-only slippers by your front door to put on when you make the transition from outside to inside your home.