Carpet Care Tip: Avoid DIY Carpet Cleaning Machines

Carpet Care Tip Avoid DIY Machines

DIY (Do it yourself) carpet cleaning machines bring to mind the saying “if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Advertisements make them look easy to use and more economical but in reality they oftentimes cause more harm than good. Home carpet cleaning machines lack the power truck mounted units provide, and with limited extraction ability, the carpet can easily be left too wet and full of solution. This can be disastrous as carpet that is overwet can mildew, grow mold, and the damage can permeate the padding and into the subfloor as well, which would result in the need for replacement (which costs $$$). Other issues lie with the products used in conjunction with the machine and the human error when using it. Carpet cleaning is a science that heavily relies on chemistry. Using the wrong chemical or mixing chemicals can result in permanent discolorations caused by the cleaning processes and set in stains that would have been able to be removed by a cleaning professional. They’re also time consuming to use so they’re not as economical as they appear to be when you factor that in. If you’ve had a mishap from a home carpet cleaning machine or want to save yourself the time/money/effort/panic by booking a professional cleaning, let us know. We can help!