How to extend the life of your upholstery:

1️⃣ Choose a fabric that works with your lifestyle. Choosing the right fabric can extend the life of your upholstery and make it easier to maintain it. For example, synthetic fibers are a good choice for upholstery that is used often.

2️⃣ Alternate your cushions. Periodically turning over loose cushions is a simple way to ensure a more even distribution of wear and tear. Changing the cushions around will also help as some seats are used more often than others. Also, make sure to keep those cushions fluffed!

3️⃣ Vacuum your upholstery regularly. Vacuuming your upholstery weekly will help to keep dirt and soils from becoming embedded in the upholstery fibers.

4️⃣ Position your upholstery away from direct sunlight in a well ventilated area. Too much sun can damage your upholstery causing it to fade or fray. Good ventilation is key as upholstery absorbs odors easily so smoke or cooking fumes could damage it.

5️⃣ Call a professional to help! The most helpful thing you could do to extend the life of your upholstery is schedule a professional cleaning, especially when something is spilled on it. The application of fabric protection is also extremely helpful. If it is time for your upholstery to be cleaned again, give us a call and don’t forget to ask the technician about the benefits of fabric protection for your upholstery!

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