Ways to Prevent (or Limit) the Amount of Mud Your Pet Tracks In

The cat did it (dog with muddy paws).jpg

With rain in the forecast, muddy paws are inevitable. 🐾 However, there are a few things you can do to prevent or limit the amount of mud that your pet tracks in. Here are some suggestions: 1️⃣ Trim long hair. Keeping the fur between the toes short can limit the amount of dirt and debris collected. Be careful not to remove the feathering or fur from the pads of the paws as this serves as a protection for your pet. 2️⃣ Keep a soft, absorbent towel by the door for quick wipe-downs when the pet enters the home. 3️⃣ Use an absorbent door mat to limit liquid tracked in or a brush-like mat to remove thick mud from paws. 4️⃣ Wash paws upon entering the home with warm water. Be sure to dry the paws thoroughly! This is especially important with pets who have thick or long fur. 5️⃣ Invest in paw wipes (similar to baby wipes) that are nourishing to the paws and remove unwanted matter. 6️⃣ Use booties. Booties are designed to protect paws from extreme cold but they can also help to keep your floors clean since you can just remove them when your pet enters the home. 7️⃣ Wax pads of paws. This can help to prevent drying and cracking of the paw but it can also make it more repellent to mud and water, limiting the amount that makes its way between the toes and tracked into the home. If your pet’s muddy paws make a mess of your home, let us know. 🏡 We can help!