Upholstery Care Tips for Pet Owners: Our furry friends can become our upholstery’s greatest nemesis

If you notice wear on your couch in a particular spot from being your pet’s favorite place to relax, it’s a good idea to lay down a blanket or add extra pillows to the area to prevent dirt and oil from setting in to the spot. It’s a win for you and a win for your pet who gets an even cozier spot to relax.

If you develop a rip in your upholstery from your pet, you may consider applying a small amount of fabric glue to the tear to prevent it from spreading. If it continues to spread, or you are concerned about that happening, contact a professional upholsterer to expertly cover up the damaged area and to prevent it from getting worse.

If your pet has an accident on your upholstery, be sure to clean up as much as you can right away. If you need professional help, let us know. We are here to help!

Cat on upholstery.jpeg