What causes traffic wear on your carpet?

You may be thinking your kids or pets, but the answer may surprise you. The biggest threat to your carpet is actually dirt, as it contains abrasive particles that are what causes damage to the carpet fiber. This soil component causes your carpet to wear prematurely, or look “bad”, before its lifespan has been realized. While vacuuming your carpet regularly to remove dry soil is important, it isn’t thorough enough to remove all the dry matter that is wearing out your carpet. Regular, professional cleanings can remove this soil that builds up over time and help you get the most “life” from your carpet (which translates to more bang for your buck 💵).

Note: Carpet cleaning can’t fix or improve the appearance of wear to the carpet so it’s important to get your carpet cleaned BEFORE it happens. If you’re ready to remove the soil that is hiding in your carpet, let us know. We can help!

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