How to Care for Your Carpet

How to Care for Your Carpet

It's true that carpet won't last forever, however, it can last a lot longer than you may think. A few simple things that you can do to give your carpet a longer life are:

1. Vacuum your carpet at least once a week. If you have kids or pets then we would recommend vacuuming two or more times a week. This allows you to catch dust and dirt particles before they become too deeply embedded into the carpet.

2. Make sure your carpet is not left in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. A simple solution would be to close your blinds or curtains when you leave the house so your carpet is not exposed to any unnecessary light.

3. Place glides underneath your heavy furniture to prevent crushing.

4. Periodically rearrange your furniture. This allows the carpet to wear in a more even fashion as it can give some of the high traffic areas a rest.

These are good ways to keep your carpet looking its best for many years to come. Remember to schedule regular carpet cleanings as well as this is an important step in caring for your carpet properly. When you're ready for a deep cleaning, let us know. We are here to help!