Carpet Care Tip: Be Leery of Home Carpet Spotters

The market is filled with a wide array of carpet spotters. Although most say to first test in an inconspicuous area, when that moment of panic sets in, that instruction tends to get forgotten. One big problem with carpet spotters (particularly with the pet spotters) is that a lot of them remove the color from your carpet along with whatever you were trying to get out. Although whatever you spilled on your carpet could have been removed with a professional cleaning, the resulting color loss from your efforts to treat the spill is now a permanent stain. You may not notice this color loss or the extent of it until you have a professional carpet cleaning as dirt can disguise this. When you book a carpet cleaning with us, we will give you a spotter to help you maintain your carpet between cleanings. It’s important to blot the spill with a white towel to absorb as much of the soil/liquid as possible right away before utilizing a spotting agent if you choose to do so. If there’s a spot you can’t get out or want professional help with, just let us know. We are here to help!

Carpet Care Tip Be leery of home spotters.JPG